LOCXIS Technology Platform

LOCXIS Technology Platform

The Locxis® Patent Pending technology is one of the most advanced high security cylinder platforms in the world. It provides a long-term patent protected ”Do Not Copy” restricted key system, based on a combination of different, unique key and cylinder active pin configurations.  The system is compliant with the toughest international standards, and designed for the highest level of security.


  • The Locxis® technology is patent protected until 2030.
  • The Locxis® cylinder and lock platform are designed to retro-fit into existing door
    hardware made by different lock manufacturers , achieving a highly protected single-key system.
  • The active pins of the Locxis® key, in single or double rows, using stainless steel rolling ball technology, are designed for maximum durability against wear and provide an advanced range of combinations.
  • All telescopic pins are made of stainless steel, providing long life durability and superior
    drilling resistance.
  • Anti drill pins are strategically positioned to increase resistance against
    drilling and burglary.
  • Each top chamber is sealed with an Allen screw for easy rekeying.
  • A unique Locxis® duplication card is supplied with each cylinder, padlock, or
    cam lock. Duplication of keys is strictly controlled by this card.
  • The unique Locxis® technology supports a large number of possible
    combinations, ensuring a high level of security with the products.

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