Upper Locks - Safe Locks

Upper Locks - Safe Locks

Security lever lock for wood and steel doors. Safe lock with rounded outer trim, suitable for installation-ready RB steel door or any other wood/steel door, including drill resistant plate.


  • Backset: 60 mm Triple round deadbolts: 16 mm diameter Protective Keyway plate
  • Operation: Double key turn for bolt action, Left- or right-hand applications Bolt throw: 1 key turn: 18 mm. 2 key turns: 36 mm
  • Key options: 3 double bit keys. 5 double bit keys
  • Front plate plating options: Chrome nickel, satin nickel, shiny brass
  • Materials:  Case: galvanized steel, Mechanism: steel, Bolts: chrome nickel plated steel, Front plate: chrome nickel plated steel Keys: chrome nickel plated brass

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Safe Locks
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